The Milltown Farm    circa 1765
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Local Attractions

   Must See ... While Staying A The Milltown Farm!

Historic Waterford, Virginia : It is almost a "can't miss" since it is only minutes away and if you are arriving by plane or from Leesburg you will be driving right through the center of town.  Established in the mid 1700's, Waterford instantly sets the scene for your stay at Milltown with its classic buildings (and do not miss the old U.S. Postal Office on the corner, it is still in open for business).

Washington D.C. : The nation's capital is about an hour drive (try to avoid "rush-hour") or just drive a few minutes over to Brunswick M.D. and take the train right into the city.  Another way to "see the city" is to drive to any of the Metro Stations, park the car and take the Metro train into the city.  If you have not visited D.C. you might as well make at least one day of it ... you're so close anyway.

Old Town Alexandria, VA :  This waterfront town has old pubs and dining establishments that go way back into history.  It can be crowded on weekends or special events but it is a good place to dine after a tour of the city or coming from Mt. Vernon.

Manassas National Battlefield Park, VA :  This is a real easy country drive just south of  Mill Town, on your way there you will pass "Oatlands" and the Robert Carter Mansion.  It is worth the stop to tour the grounds, gift shop, tea room and the mansion going to or from the Battlefields.

Arlington Cemetery, VA :  The cemetery is just south of the D.C. on the Virginia side of the Potomac River and is serviced by the Metro.

Harper's Ferry, VA :  Harper's Ferry is "just over the hill" from the farm and makes for a great "ride in the country".

Middleburg, VA :  One of the centers of "horse country" and is another great "country ride" from Milltown.

Leesburg, VA :  This has the best shopping for "everything" and it is only a 20 minute drive.  The "historic district" has great antiques shops and fine dining and the "shopping district" has a large outlet mall, all the discount stores, restaurants,  and the big retailers like Walmart and Costco.  Coming from Dullas Airport you will drive right into Leesburg.  It is a great place to stock up with groceries and supplies.

Frederick, MD :   This short drive into Maryland is another city great for shopping and is known for its "Antique District" where old factories were converted into antique shops.

                        Things To Do???

Hiking:  Parks and trials are only a short drive from Mill Town.  There are trails at Milltown, however check in upon your arrival of which pastures are being in use for your safety to avoid any of the bulls ("Freightliner" is one of the resident bulls on the farm and it is not advised to "mingle with the bulls").

Cycling: Check out the WDO trail!  It is a linear trail that goes all they way into D.C.  The former railroad easement was converted into walking, running or cycling trail and is just minutes from Mill Town (15 min.)

Canoe, rafting or kayaking: The Potomac River is only a short drive away (20-30min).

Antiques:  Antique stores are throughout northern Virginia and it makes a nice outing while staying at the farm.

Wine Tours:  The Northern Virginia Wine Tour has vineyards literally "circles" Milltown with vineyards just minutes from the farm.

                    Places To Eat?

Leesburg, VA :  All the chains are here.  The historic district has great restaurants, a local favorite is "Lightfoot" located on the main street in an old converted bank building.

Purcellville, VA :  Small assortment of various restaurants, a great place to go for breakfast.

Lovettsville, VA : Less than 10 minutes from Milltown it has "Talk of the Town" and "Lovettsville Pizza" (which will deliver to Mill Town).  Lovettsville has two convenience stores which are the closest to the farm.

Brunswick, MD :  Just across the Potomac in Maryland there are some fast foods outlets, a grocery store,  and small retailers (15 minutes)

Crab Shack, Hamilton VA (20 minutes)

                    Or Just Do Nothing ...

Patio Sitting:  Milltown has brick patios wrapping around the side and rear of the home which make a great place to overlook the pastures or enjoy the outdoor fireplace.

Porch Sitting:  Two covered porches overlook the front yard and the "spring house" and is a great place to spot wildlife such as deer, red foxes, ground hogs and varous birds.

The Pub Room:  Located on the lower floor, the pub room is a converted root celler, with brick floors and stone walls.  The bar is solid brick and the ceilings are the original 1765 timbers.

The Old Living Room: The old living room is on the main floor with 3 fireplaces (one working) and is a great place to sit and visit surrounded by vintage antiques in the 1765 surroundings.

The Smoke House:  This is a detached building off the main brick patio.  The restored smoke house is great place to go an enjoy a cigar and sit back enjoying its own fireplace.

Lama Looking:  "Hey, what can I say, you are staying on a working farm and there is a lot to see, but nothing beats seeing one of our Lamas dashing across the pasture. We have 2 Lamas, Dali Lama and Moma Lama. The female is inspecting and daddy is on the run.

We Have To Admit:  Until now, we never had T.V. or internet and nobody missed it.  Well, we have all that stuff now, but  with all the other things to do ... you too, will probable not even need it.  Milltown takes you back in time, a place of simplicity.

Our Promise: If you ever wanted to "go back in time, but have all the modern conveniences" Milltown Farm is for you.  If you never left the farm ... we'll never know, but we would understand.

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